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I loved it, and as a drug addict I can say that movie make a lot of sensee... It was well animated and REALLY well drawed, the music came along the drama, great job!

I didnt got the ending tough
SPOILER (dont read if you didnt watched the movie)
The girl in the tube at the very ending, what it was suppose to mean?
She was only dreaming about her mother holding her and she is stuck in the drugs forever?

TaraGraphika responds:

Thank you very much for the compliments, It really means a lot to me.

The ending is open to discussion. Or, possibly will be explained in a sequel if ever. But, crossing between the too, I think the idea should remain open. (wink)

It scares me in a akward way, still really good!

theo1231231 responds:

thank you :D

It's a cool concept you have in your movie.
Keep practicing and learning with tutorials, you might make it work!

hofboys3 responds:

Sorry about the low-quality. I'm learning animation, and since the crime wave edition came out on June 16th, I reviewed the PC version with a minimal amount of time. It also didn't help I was given a few tests at the end of the year, but this screw-up with animation shouldn't go unnoticed. I'd just like to apologize due to all the excuses and the lowered quality of this animation. I'll soon replace this version with a remake.

You have good skills, but Newgrounds is a place for movies, not tests.

SirKnightTheHero responds:

yeeeaaaahhh... i didnt know that. but after reading a few other comments, it seems this should be in the Dumping Grounds. whoops :P

any way to move this to its rightfull place?

Cara, vc tá animando demais! :)

GabrielBarsch responds:

tio alucard, vlw

You are so good with the sounds!

Pennaz responds:

Thanks! I love making them! :)

Great animation!

AnimatorMaggoT responds:

grande alu! tamo junto ;]

Well, the paper have bad luck and that is it? xD I really liked it, creative and funny; the cigarrete scene is hilarious!

Surn responds:

Glad you liked it. Mr. Cig and Tapeworm-Santa is glad too.

Really cool!

You're have the same spirit of Vinnie, the draw style and the animation timeline. I hope see more animations of you... And well, if you didnt saw yet, search O-Ovinnie at Author Search :)

Keep up the good work!

SleepilyVivid responds:

Ah, it's such an honor to be told such a thing! <x//3 I really like those flashes. ;w;

Thank you very much. <3


You need to put sounds, and you need more practice on flash.

And wtf, why is writen ''CATS'' in the trash?

Narusim responds:

That is a billboard, thank you very much.

Reviews are much appreciated!

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