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It gets even better when u realise Corey indeed has a daughter and this might happen in the exact same way in some decades from now... hahahah I imagine him showing her this animation in the future, it will be awesome! Good job, guys, much passion on the animation with a good pace for storytelling. I've favourite!

carvcarvcarver responds:

Thanks! :)

VoicesByCorey responds:

I'm not looking forward to the day my daughter brings a guy home XD

Very well animated, dude, so good!

TheIcarusCrisis responds:

Thanks! REALLY means a lot

Jesuuus this was awesome!!

WINprince responds:

Thank you! :D

If theres a full dialogue u have a full animation lol

FaresIsHere responds:

Haha yep! :D

That's awesome!!
It's kinda of like a Ren and Stmpy approach when you animate them bigger before moving over the screen. It's cartoonish and funny, keep up the good work!!

FaresIsHere responds:

Thanks man, I love the compliment :)

LOL that was funny

Brayfer responds:

Nice to see you here Luan. And yes, Thor's clockimation was rather funny.

Funny :D

BossNation-01 responds:

thanks ??? its suppose to be informative my other projects are better thanks for the feedback tho :)

That's aweosme man!
Hey why won't you join Diacrisis discord, like I sent ya in DM.
We have some stick figures animators there, and I am too.
Your skills are wicked!
Keep up the good work!

SensExxer responds:

Sure, it would be fun. How to get in? I have not received any information

Underdog of the week!! XD
That's a hard trophy to get around here! o/

GabrielBarsch responds:

And yet i got tons of those

I loved it, and as a drug addict I can say that movie make a lot of sensee... It was well animated and REALLY well drawed, the music came along the drama, great job!

I didnt got the ending tough
SPOILER (dont read if you didnt watched the movie)
The girl in the tube at the very ending, what it was suppose to mean?
She was only dreaming about her mother holding her and she is stuck in the drugs forever?

TaraGraphika responds:

Thank you very much for the compliments, It really means a lot to me.

The ending is open to discussion. Or, possibly will be explained in a sequel if ever. But, crossing between the too, I think the idea should remain open. (wink)

Reviews are much appreciated!

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