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Great, that was funny!

That's awesome, keep up!
The way you animate them is like gross funny I get it!

I'm really stunned with the high quality of the animation, it's impressive how much expression you were able to give with these caricature faces!!

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Trip to Pixelworld just blew my mind!!

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad you liked it. :)

Excellent atmosphere, very aesthetic!!
I must confess that after 30 minutes I can't still pass the first upgrade lmao
Actually I learned that throwing and picking up is equally deadly as attacking!

MoeAnguish responds:

Thank you! glad you enjoyed it.

I was all happy about playing this game until I saw /portal/view/666666 then I was f scared p.p

Cyberdevil responds:

XD It took some timing to get that number! Was keeping track for a few days... would've been a perfect fit for one of yours though. ;)

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Thats awesome dude!!!
I wish I could use it in my game, to put on a extra section of the menu after you beat the game, theres gonna be a playlist. Imma also gonna incluse som3 Cyberdevil songs I was thinking to include this beat too, it's hot!
Thanks anyways!!

I had to delete my previous review so I could review again!!

Where am I going... see something glistening... in the distance like a vision it sings and brings me in like a... wait it's only...


Best lyric of all times. Word.

Cyberdevil responds:

Oooh I wonder how your original review went now. :D Suppose it was a bit shorter?

Thank you man! It's nice to keep coming back to this one to respond to reviews every once in a while, makes me listen in again at the same time. :)

Oh my you're wild!!!

VoicesByCorey responds:

I just have a bunch of voices in my head screaming all the time XD

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The hero society needs!

Holy damn man, I just love ur style. Keep it up!

Oh so nice the color palete is outstanding!

JangofettAlex responds:

Means a ton bro, fr.

Reviews are much appreciated!

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