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Sup bro!
I'm using this song in mygame ''Lost in Hell''.
That's awesome because reminds me of Marylin Manson Umbrella Corps song.
If you wish to play the beta of the game follow my profile here.
Also if you would like to create an original theme for the game I would put your name on the front intro.
Your name is going at the menu credits and ending credits, thanks!

Kerosyn responds:

that's pretty rad, I appreciate it

OMG you're such a beast dude!!

Hey bro! I'm planning on adding this track in a zombie game of mine, Imma put your name in credits man, I hope you're okay with it. But either way, nice job, awesome track man, just let me know - thx, take care!

Meatboot responds:

Thats so cool! By all means go for it!! I can't wait to see/play it!

You don't stop the excced the expectations man. As you well know (a message I sent ya some months ago) I'm using one of ur scores in an upcoming game of mine. Just wanted to make sure that in the future when u see some broken ass streammer (maybe even me) don't claim his content, man, cause he will be spreading our content out there. Peace, pray for a big hit cuz imma throww ya some paypal cash u bet! Thx for everything, let me just say you're the best around here. No words.

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks a ton man! I never claim content, but where I release the music instantly recognize my music on youtube etc.

Awesome as always man

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks a lot man!

"How about this language?!?!" OoF!!!

Awesome, dudes, as always!!!

Thanks man, imma use this song on my upcoming game. Check out the credits if u ever beat it on the future!

Thats awesome dude!!!
I wish I could use it in my game, to put on a extra section of the menu after you beat the game, theres gonna be a playlist. Imma also gonna incluse som3 Cyberdevil songs I was thinking to include this beat too, it's hot!
Thanks anyways!!

ADR3-N responds:

Feel free to use it! My only condition is give credit so others can use it too :)

I had to delete my previous review so I could review again!!

Where am I going... see something glistening... in the distance like a vision it sings and brings me in like a... wait it's only...


Best lyric of all times. Word.

Cyberdevil responds:

Oooh I wonder how your original review went now. :D Suppose it was a bit shorter?

Thank you man! It's nice to keep coming back to this one to respond to reviews every once in a while, makes me listen in again at the same time. :)

Reviews are much appreciated!

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