Entry #1

Madness Rebellion 2

2015-06-07 18:42:07 by Alucard

Hey, sup?

I'v been days, no, months animating my new piece of ''art''.

It's an action packed vietnam and WWII vibe, with good and heavy music.

I'm creating 3d guns, downloading every good scenario, finding the right sounds... 


So, theres my hero standing and shooting his G36c rifle in a slow-mo scene. I'm putting my deepest skills to make the effort pay the price to you, my fan!

In the plot, a group of para-militarists are trying to capture the hero, while he and his wife must escape, as you see in Madness Rebellion,  the sequel takes place 1 hour after that ''in the rooftop'' ending scene.

It's the ''Madness'' animation style being used to create new spheres, and I think that's the best cinematic role-play I ever could imagine doing.

To my fans, please, stay true to me, I won't let you down!

Peace for eveybody and let's make a better world, let the violence only in the games and movies!


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2015-06-07 19:27:47

well, look whos back

Alucard responds:

and we will RISE together!!


2015-06-08 12:33:40

As long as you're back from the dead, it's fine by me.

Alucard responds:

Thank you!


2015-06-09 10:06:29

from the looks of it.
it seems very smooth and well animated :) well done!
cant wait.

Alucard responds:

Thank you!