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this is a great stuff!!!


Oh my lord, this looks amazing!! Great job!!!!!

E continua ficando melhor

Holy shit, dude! This game is something else!! :D Keep up the good work!!

The cinematic is out of this world!!

Man, you made a great survival horror experience. Kudos to you and the team

Just noticed I'm in the honorable mentions too, thanks for that. :) Still no time to play but I posted a plug on the site at least... looks promising! With all the new age RE remakes recently it'll be refreshing to get back to something like this too.

Well, let me say good work on the work you done so far on this. However, from my honest opinion, things need to be worked on more and cleared up on. The photo gif or animation "lost in hell" is very hard to read or tell what it says unless you look at something that says it in plain font like on the bottom of it or look at it closely. Its very groggy. I have not played the game yet, but it looks like the other game that you worked on a while back but just with a new character? My first impression on that game is similar to this one and I feel as tho things dont look complete and need some more touch to it. I do love art on your website, but the one with the smeared face looks creepy of a sort and looks like it needs to be touched up on as well. Overall, i think the website could have a touch on that pic i talked about and the words too "lost in hell" and the website looks a bit messy when you scroll down near the bottom, But u did good for the website, game wise, I was unimpressed looking at it and overall theme of it. It looks messy. I hope this might help you more and that you don't take this as rude. I give my honest truthful opinion about games ppl ask me to look at and I give exact honesty even when im given brutal honesty.

Thanks for the feedback brother!
This game has way more mechanics than the first one, you should try both out. ;)

@GamerDude96 I will try to modify on the things you said to make the first appearances be more pro! Thanks for the honest too. Will u be helping me when we launch it on Steam?
I really need friends on this one, dude, thanks!!!

Glad I could help with the feedback, however I won't have the time to help you for your game. I have my own game im working on and will be focus on releasing my very first game to sell soon. I do have a question for you tho. Have you ever thought of making your character in full 3D? If you ask me personally, I think that would really look like a cool and be a good idea for your game. Other than that, do what you can to the best of your ability with the feedback I gave you. Other than that. Good luck and hope it does well.

Nice bro might play it :D

Yo dude, you will like the extent of the game, bruh, many hours to complete inside :)

Looks pretty good, however, I'm not one to evaluate side-scrollers these days.
As well as I've learned the Hard(My motherboard melted down and I literally lost everything) way to never download off a strange Mega-Link. If you have another avenue to download I'll give it a shot but otherwise *shrugs*.
The website is great, very eye-catching, and I enjoyed the "pop-as-you-scroll" of the features list. All great selling points.
My only real critique that I can give since I haven't played it is, the main character looks like he lost a fight an ink-sprayer. Other than that critique, the game looks good.
Hopefully this helps you, if not *shrugs*. Good Luck and may many a poor soul Get Lost in Hell

Looking good my man!!! Very rad!

oh that looks pretty good, good job and good luck

Nicely done.

You're tempting me to play serious games again! Ugh! The screenshots looks delicious!

These look quite nice! Best of luck with the game :)

I’m proud to be part of the development of this game!

yo oh nice game! :D

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