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hell yeah, you welcome buddy

no problem ? I don't remember that I did something for you lol.

Been missing some of these! :D Thanks again. I guess the name changed btw? Is it still the sequel though?

Hey my man, it's still a sequel but I'm trying to bounce out from the failure from the first title... I guess Diacrisis 1 needs to be free when Lost in Hell launch, I think it's the best approach for people playing both...

Nice. :) Was surprised to see there's no option to pay for the game at all btw, but maybe there's something built into the game itself? Or plans to launch something commercial/some special edition when/if it gets popular enough?

For Lost in Hell we still need an exxorcist to finish the game, man!!! lfmao
No, I'm joking, for real, the game is long enough to sell itself on Steam already, but there's bigger plans to the story behind it, so, I'll give a couple more months of heavy production to make it more memorable! It will launch on Steam soon enough for no more of 3 dollars... That's the plan for now, what u think?

Aaah alright it's still in production mode! Makes sense then. Sounds great, though if people happen to play the game and want to support right away maybe you'd get some early funds too with something like a linked Ko-Fi account. You never know!

I'll take a look into it for sure!
The gameplay I'm trying to achieve is a Bioshock alike, and the whole concept of the script is Sillent Hill 2 but with The Last Stand vibe along with Action Ninja scenarios.
I don't mind labels anyways, but, did you watched that movie ''Evil Dead 2''? That's something I really grew up with and somehow that kind of adventure is what's missing for me... wtf?
Thanks for the tips, that's why you were mentioned, keep up!


Yeah I loved the old Evil Dead movies too, I guess you might've seen the remake a few years back? It wasn't really the same but... still a bit nostalgic. Will have to see if those inspirations hold up when I play, it looks like it might... the visual style really reminds me of early RE games too, even if this is all 2D.